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07 May 2006 @ 07:29 pm
See, New York IS good for something  
Sorry. Going to veer away from baseball for a second - and another Sox win to keep pace with the Pinstriped Punks - just to point out something amazing in the Hudson River that isn't floating, decomposing, or made of fecal matter. Check this out:

This was, without a doubt, the finest rugby pitch I've ever played on, and walking distance from a zillion bars in the Village. Realturf, regulation-sized, and just awesome. It looks like they use it for soccer, baseball/softball, and obviously rugby, so if find out you're going to play some sporting event at the place, get pumped. It's awesome.
- Or you can go up to Jerome Street by the Portal to Hell (aka Yankee Stadium) and see how many blocks away you can get before someone mugs you. Up to you.