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21 October 2009 @ 02:43 pm
He said it, not me  
Mike Greenberg, this morning on Mike and Mike:

"The Yankees have bought themselves a pretty good team."

When even Yankee fans are owning up to it, I guess it's a fact.  But the thing is: it really doesn't matter.

It's not a level playing field.  Hell, where the Yankees are involved, it's practically a vertical one.  But history isn't going to care.  Maybe we shouldn't either because, well, what's the point?

If the Yankees win this year, the history books are just going to list them as the World Series Champions.  There won't be an * next to it because they spent much more money than anybody else, or because they have acknowledged cheaters playing for them, or any other reason.  They've played within the rules, as unfair as they might be, and if they win, they win. 

Look, I'd love a salary cap, and I root for a team that spends more than most teams.  I think it would bring an NFL type fairness to the game, it would rein in ticket prices, and it would hopefully erase the utter insanity of a single person getting 35k per at bat - per AT BAT - while ten percent of the country is unemployed.  I think this has about as much a chance of happening as me hitting the lottery tomorrow, which ain't likely since I don't play it.  But it's nice to wish for.

What isn't nice is how angry I am at the Sox.  How did they roll over and die for the Angels team?  They're awful. They keep handing games to a Yankee team that, before yesterday, had about 2guys hitting over .250.  Throwing the ball around, walking guys left and right, it's horrible to watch.  So I don't.  Instead I resign myself to the fact that I'm going to have to root for the Phillies, from the angry, nasty city of Philadelphia.  If Lidge is straightened out it could be interesting, although I'd rather see them give Happ a shot.

If that sounds like I think the Angels are dead, well, it should.  They are.  Evidently the Ghost of Nick Adenhart was only good for one series.

(Anonymous) on October 23rd, 2009 04:49 pm (UTC)
Great to see the Angels come back last night...
...but there's still no way they win two games in the Bronx. Still, if they can just somehow push it to a 7th game, it'll really screw up the Yanks' pitching for the WS.

Scioscia and Girardi are really two of the worst managers around.